Supriya Mishra, MD

Hello! My name is Supriya Mishra. I am extremely grateful to be joining OBGYN of Greater Washington, and here is a little about myself.

Beyond my job, I enjoy hiking and I will usually find any excuse to be outside. I have hiked many mountains in Colorado, in Washington state, in Vancouver, in South Africa, and of course NY. One of my favorite mountain hikes has to be at the Adirondacks, Rocky Peak Ridge. 
I hiked this during peak foliage, and it was a colorful treat! 

I moved to NY from India when I was just 11. I grew up in the Hudson valley and went to college and medical school at Stony Brook in Long Island. Between college and medical school, I was a medical technologist in NYC. Although I enjoyed the science while working in the lab, I knew I wanted more of a patient face-to-face impact. Having had a strict Indian upbringing where women’s health isn’t something that is routinely discussed or placed first, I promised myself I would work to change this way of thinking. I completed my Obstetrics & Gynecology residency at Upstate, NY in Syracuse in a large perinatal region. Now I have chosen to take all that I have absorbed to a melting pot of cultures, Rockville, Maryland.  

My family is still in NY and they keep me grounded. There is nothing more I love than driving home to my mom’s home cooked meals, the smell of biryani, or waking up to hot dosa off the pan. I have two spunky cats Charlie & Cleo, both adopted and absolute purring machines. Cleo has learned to fetch; I think she was a dog in her previous life. Charlie will usually enjoy the amazon box that the new toy came in versus the actual toy.

I am happy to settle in Maryland, so close to DC, Baltimore, Shenandoah Park, and many many Indian stores and restaurants (just in case my new cooking attempts don’t work out). As a recent graduate from OBGYN training, I am grateful to be working with Dr Seigel, Dr Gottlieb and Dr Jagoe. I enjoy what I am finally getting to do every day after years of studying. I hope this synopsis gave you a little introduction to who I am beyond my profession. I look forward to meeting you at our office.

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